I’m going out of 2011 working son! This the layout of the children coloring book I’ve been working on for a few days. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a couple of pages done. The Complex simplicity book is still in the works. The demand for a tangible attack of the black book is sounding a little promising. Tonight I’m suppose to work with flux on that marq speckts interview video. And also shoot this treatment to him on how this stahhr promo video should look (she don’t know about it yet) But the concept i have for it is gonna be dope if it comes out visually as seen in my head. Honestly. The time is now, everyday. I remind myself daily of that. So now I have to let go of a lot to get to where I have to go. We know who’s who in our life. We know who see us beyond our present stature. Sometimes We try to convince the small massive of what we do. when what we have in our home team believe we can make the whole world believers. hey! people see what the want to see. I know who i’m phuckin with. Back to work i go. 100


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