Oh yes! You see that movie poster. Oh! The moment is around the corner like your home from a long day of work. Only to be matched by a similar feeling of a forecast sunny 3 day weekend from the job. Lets add a cherry on top of this. Better yet a paid 3 day weekend. The thought alone is GRAND! But as a hard working artist it’s always good to have something to look forward too. Many people might think it’s up and coming art shows or our latest project. I mean, It’s understandable to think that just based off our commitment to our god given talent that people often forget we work hard to maintain. Extended with the thought that we might enjoy seeing them artistic fulfillment that we mess up our eating and sleeping habits to create for the massive. Yea! Yea! Yea! We do, but that’s basically seeing our effort shine with a promising result. Sometime. Smh. But this on the other hand. A Movie (The first Sherlock Holmes) that I’ve seen maybe 500 times or more. Ask flux! He can easily tell you this. The sequel will be showing December 16th 2011. This is that moment to embrace another person artistic genius expression through another platform. Feed our imagination with it and enjoy every minute of it like late night se……YES! It’s good to have a simple great expectation as odd as it sound for yourself. As artist our job is to please and teach others. But I think the biggest part of being a artist is appreciating and supporting our fellow artist on different levels. That’s true art right there. Cheerio!!!


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