This a quick online Flyer I did for Rashheed ali for a event she’s performing in this friday. I know after she posted the flyer on her facebook page. Maybe like a hour later my people flux calls me and gives me props on the flyer. That’s usually my major approval that I’ve done a good job. The heart of the matter is we know as visual artist ideas get thrown at us like a dart board. Just like the usage of our talents. I can’t count the times I have to actually acknowledge on somebody else page that my people flux, Mr. soul or whomever has actually done the artwork that’s getting praise while displayed on that page. I know we make what we do easy. But it’s not! I know on my behalf I’ve been working on my graphic design skills for years now after getting kicked out of art school. Why? Because it really add to my visual presentation which for a client increase the value of them and their project. To some of these clients it’s just a quick fix until they feel like getting back at you again. People stay 0 for 0 with their business relations. smh. But forget all that, I’m still learning. I’m still trying to get better with everything I do. Salute to fam for the words. It’s adding more lining to the inside of my armor. No Doubt.



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