If you’ve seen the movie Inception (which is on repeat in my dvd player). The picture above was the tool Leonardo DiCaprio used to verify if he was in reality or a dream world. Oh! How this tool would be so useful in the actual world (or is it?) But I don’t know, maybe because we approaching the end of year or the pure fact a brother been working like crazy at the job like everyday is crunch time. Smh. I see the top toppling. Looking pass things is old news. Better yet, putting up with other people actions is older news. Especially when the universe is opening up to make the smallest words uttered reality. This isn’t one of them end of the year rants where people talk about leaving people in 2011. It’s all about balance. Is it a give a take relationship? Or just a give relationship on my part on all levels. Weighing options equal doing the math. Are things actually adding up now and for the long run? Naw! I’m consuming what needs to be consume to make things relevant. It’s the only way to see the best offerings in life. If not, distraction become my reality. Thoughts become cloudy. Rewards becomes a unreachable dream to nightmares. The top keep spinning.


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