This sister I know @LoliNOTBarbie on twitter came to the Troy Davis art show we had in November. She took a pic of my artwork from the show and posted it up on her tumblr page. I didn’t have time myself to even post it on my page. Smh. But she mentioned to she did this 4 days ago which it was at 342 reblogs and likes. Right now the pic is at 450 reblogs and likes. Hey! I appreciate the appreciation.

One morning I saw bamalovesoul on twitter. This dude is like the Dj jamad in Alabama. But I just shot him a salute morning text. Dude sent me a message the same day for artwork for this project. I didn’t even know he put it out 2 days ago. The mix on cd is dope and my little fan base has been extend base off the art for this project. Hey! I appreciate being Appreciated. All in the same week. smh


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