Sunday afternoon and night fluxwonda and I end up finishing stahhr “Mansu Musa” video. We had a couple of objective during the editing process.
The first objective: To capture stahhr aggresive skills on the mic. We actually caught the look with her just releasing lyrical venom on the second shoot on the steps. Gezuss! she went in!

The second objective:
To catch her personality. That was the very most important part. All the facial expression, laughing, dancing we knew for a fact to keep those parts in the video. That’s the major thing that really define stahhr. People don’t often see it while she rip the head off mics. It’s good that the public can relate to you just as a artist but it’s always better to be seen as a cool person that just so happen to be a very dope artist. That goes a very long way

The third objective: Making that molotov which would symbolize her up and coming project “Mother NTR with a Molotov Vol.1″ That was the cherry on top of the cake. A visual perception of the future. people won’t forget that.”Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The molotovs coming together in the vid too….straight gutta. Loved it!” As somebody posted under her video comment. Hey! I wouldn’t lie to you.

But we appreciate stahhr for being on point with everything! Salute!!!


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