I kept my activity simple today. I didn’t wake up to any gifts to unwrap. I think the last time I actually was home with the fam for christmas or any type of so called holiday was in 1992. Yea! 92. I did talk to my brother and moms today. The first and last conversation on the phone. A few text here and there. More few than anything. But Yea. It’s wild because when I first touch down in Atlanta in the early 90″s i had to explain to people that I’m use to stuff I’m not suppose to use too. And that saying usually came after I told them a story that was down right disturbing, but was easily express by me like a friendly trip to the candy store. So I really had to stop doing that. Spending solo holidays is something I’m very much use to though.
But I like mentioned. I did keep the day simple. Made some food and created some attack of the black artwork.I have about maybe 5 or 6 of them waiting to be posted up. But after that I took a nice walk in that drizzle or light shower of rain outside to go check out that Sherlock Holmes 2 Movie.
Man! The streets was butt naked, bare! Nothing with a pulse walking. More cars riding around than anything. But every year I hit them streets on this day because the piece of mind moment in the crib has extend to vacant streets. I love it. it’s like a unforgiven story to find self.
The movie was very dope and packed. I think I was the only brother up in there. Hahaha. But once I left the screening it was right back into them empty streets. A reminder of that even after the good or bad times. We got to live with ourselves after each outcome. But NBA season is back in affect so I watched a couple of games. Killed some Apple pie! Yummy. But
I can honestly say. Silence is truly Golden. The day was very good to me. 100



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