My vacation. Lovely. The heads I interact with during that time was prime choice lovely *wink. Add these visuals in the mix and viola!

This how my Attack of the black drawing looked before i posted it up earlier today. When I don’t post the work. i’m far from chilling but the marker keep moving on paper. 365 is staring me in the face son!!

Dj Jamad is promoting the next in the mood series. I saw this on his page and had to smile. The artwork is looking good in the new time line set up on facebook. I hope clients take heed on how to extend the visuals I pass them #thumbsup

One week in with the stahhr video. The count is actually 1,286. My dude flux added 7 subscribers to his video channel during the premiere of the video. It’s a good start even though we crutch around limited promotion and blogs. It only get better.

People slowly but surely is starting to overstand the meaning of this pic. Man, it’s so bigger than the massive think. hahaha


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