This Crew love flyer is straight off the art press. My people Taj got at me early yesterday morning with a slight problem with getting it done. The slight problem was not having it done at all for her event early next month. Yikes!!
My dude Mr. Soul was suppose to handle the duties but got caught up when his computer went down for a few days. Thus all projects fell behind which meant he had to play catch up. The usual artist thing we go through but the outer world really don’t care about. They just want their work by any means. Selfish bastar…Let me chill. But he did the honorable thing by telling her he won’t be able have the flyer done for her event.
Meanwhile back at the ranch. My red bat phone ringing. I’m gonna be honest. My mental state was far from doing any project. if anybody know me. I’m usually prepping myself for the crazy weekly routine of the job. Plus after a couple of days off of good rest it was already hard enough to register that thought of going back alone. So doing client work never had a chance.
But once I received the call and already understood the depth of the situation before she could get into full details about it. I already agreed to do it. I guess all other thoughts went out the door like a building on fire. Well not all thoughts. My dude Mr. Soul did such a wonderful job with the last Crew Love flyer I was beating myself in the heads to not top it but at least make it worthy. We on the same team now so that kinda up the stakes with the representation of us as a whole. But I buckled down and got it done before and after work. My usual stunt. I already knew I was gonna be up late due to some affairs I had to handle in the am. So at least I was prep for the long haul. But I did get a text from Taj a little bit after 5am (not 5pm people but am) saying it’s “DOPE” I did a slight change she mention and blam!
Another design made look easy. But we all know the truth now. Well a portion of it as usual. Smh. 100


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