I guess I’m doing some winter cleaning….with everything. Hahaha. I can easily mention that it’s a new year and automatically follow up with these built up ideas that I bombarded myself with during them more time than usual holidays in 2011.
Honestly, I know 2012 is going to be a extra busy year. God willing. But how I handle that busy year is actually that “change” that needs to be mentioned. The answer is basically 2 options. What’s good or bad during this process of change. The best part of them more than usual time during the holidays. Valid time to actual think. Evaluating the 2011 properly while everybody trying to figure out what’s that big wrapped package under their christmas tree.
But technically My main concern was “who or what’ was around me during my peak moments in 2011. And of course I had to do the opposite. Balance! But mainly the “who or what” that added to my downward spiral moments in 2011. Man, the clarity of this process is usually a vivid eye opener. Crystal clear! Now, I’m not saying I’m leaving people alone and banning them from my life. But, the people that helped or around me during my high moments. They might get just more than slight extra attention this year. Hahaha. But, 2 more days of the Attack of the black! Finished! Now, that’s a changing moment within itself. Yup.


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