As the Beat Goes On!

During my regular Saturday meeting with my creative crew. Salute to the fam!! But I brought up the subject matter of the article shown in the picture above. A Atl paper had their line up of 20 people to watch in 2012. The first questioned asked by my people “Do we know anybody in the group?” Nope! It’s wild because I know so many dope artist on all levels that could have made that list with ease. But at the same time I know some of the work ethic of these same artist. Some better than most, but expecting a whole lot more than their efforts. It’s far from disrespect or as they say “Hating” But that was our main topic during our last meeting.
The Minimum efforts of promoting ourselves as artist has to stop. Technology is there for growth but we overlooking it with the hope that our talents will gets us where we rightfully belong. But at the same time we recognize that politics and knowing the right people is still the oldest method of getting ahead. The hustle never get old. And during our meeting, respecting the good and bad of it, shed a whole lot of light on our own separate path towards our destiny.
We could have trash the paper and mentioned how we gonna show them that their wrong! Why bother. Shit! The power moves we making now goes pass being local heroes. Salute to the 20 that made it. I’m trying to be the person of the year in “Time magazine” myself. Hahaha. The bigger picture is such a beautiful thing. And peep this video. I passed the whole video to more than a hand full of artist and the ones that got it. got it! Salute!


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