The Art of new

Man! The worse feeling in the world. (not really but it do feel bad) Picking up the pencil after you haven’t drawn for a while. So many damn emotions with each stroke of the pencil. It’s like having sex for first time with somebody you really like. Questions of your skills and if you really doing ish right. Everything feels wrong. Just thinking you suck. Not with having sex but art. hahaha. But I don’t know. I guess with art or being a well known artist for what I do. It seems like it becomes pressure to preform at the top of my game. All of the time. smh
But I have to keep in mind. Nobody perform at the top of their game all of time. You get more glory when you fall from the top and rise back up doing even better. The funny part is. People don’t usually see the struggling part but more so the final result. So everything seems like I thought about it in the morning 5 minutes later. Viola. Nope! But I’m going to do the next best thing to working hard to get it right. I’m going to fall back until it feel right. Can’t force the feeling sometimes. Salute


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