Internationally known

I don’t know what the time code in Geneva Switzerland is right now. But my people Dj fudge will be in the building doing what he do best, rock crowds. I’m happy for the brother and of course it’s a fly way to start the new year off. Being overseas, being heavily appreciated, meeting new people who actually love what you do. Niiccceee!
But he’ll have in tow his full metal jacket cd with my artwork on the cover.The mix on that cd is crucial and with that a insert of the pic above with the lovely atl songstress Poodie the byz. Who I mentioned on facebook. She blessed my 365 project more than many and is down right the most supportive person I know. Not only with me but other people.
But honestly Dj fudge didn’t have to add that extra insert with my info.
But support is real in the field where I’m at so it’s all love. Wish that brother very well over there. Shout to Esta for being the BEST in this situation!


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