Rasheeda Ali: Attack of the flute

I’m not going to front. The thought of a flute in a track was absent to my ears. I’ve heard plenty of dope tracks use the flute but as a child of the boom bap era, that’s usually the main sound I listen to in any type of music.
In comes Rasheeda Ali. It’s not pictured but her choice of weapon is a flute. A weapon she haven’t mastered yet. But once you hear her soothing melody. You would’ve thought I just told you a bold face lie. We’ve been real cool with each other for a minute. all my people are always doing something creative so I’m often consumed by their passion. lets be honest. Artist are kinda of difficult species to figure out unless your a artist yourself.The process of creativity is often different but the outcome of creating something beyond excellent for either yourself or the public is the same. So when Rasheeda talks about her thought process on how to attack a track that’s already dope to the ear. I’m all ears and in love with the process.
The strategic planning of overshadowing a worthy opponent for the good. Making people believers of a instrument that if was a pick up game of basketball, it might be chosen last because the ideas or questions of it’s Involvement to make the team better. But on the real. As artist we love being the underdog just to get every bit of our point across. And if you still sleep on the flute. Peep this video were you hear Rasheeda Ali crushing the track while mingling in the crowd with lovely smiles. hahaha. Now that’s gangtsa!!


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