Crossing Them Roads

The picture up top in the middle of the street. I wanted to take that picture for a good while. Especially when I got my iphone and joined instagram. This is actually a pretty busy street with a nice stretch of road. So the cars come down that road like their drag racing. Smh.But while both lights down each side of the street turned red. I had to time everything with a bag of groceries in my hand. So it was a in motion pic. After I took it. I thought i missed it because the pic showed the bottom of the street. I’m thinking “Damn” but when it fully registered, the pic up top was taken. Oh! I was so happy.
That’s been my frame of mind as of late. Focus and in someway or how making want I want happen. Sometimes it might seem like it’s not working out but the result fully defines the work put into the actions. And I’m not even a photographer. hahaha. Determination is Everything. 100


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