VIDEO: UNDEREXPOSED: Indie Hip-Hop in Atlanta short film

(I know everybody in this video. I’m in this video and I know the director of this film. So after viewing this video. press the link and vote for it. Please)

VOTE for this short film to win the “Viewers Choice” Award in Creative Loafing’s 2012 ATL Short Cuts Film Contest. CLick the link below and take the Survey!!

My entry for the 2012 Creative Loafing “ATL Short Cuts Film Contest.” Shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 in 720p 59.94fps. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7.

Underexposed: Indie Hip-Hop in Atlanta

Over the past two decades Atlanta’s population has exploded with a tremendous influx of transplants from cities across the nation and world, bringing with them their talents, skills, experience and individuality. As a result of its changing population, Atlanta’s indie hip-hop scene has become a large, diverse and active cross-section of artists. Yet Atlanta, as with most cities, remains to be defined primarily by its mainstream artists.

In 2009 I relocated to Atlanta with the same misconception about the independent hip-hop scene that most people have…

…there is only one type of artist and one style of music… I was wrong.


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