The Return

This the last day of my vacation today. I stayed focus on the main objective of actually taking this time off to actually take off. A lot of needed rest. Keeping my motion very limited unless otherwise told based on the situation. I know before I took the vacation I was mad, frustrated damn near violent because of many situations during that past time. It was really throwing me off physically and mentally. In this day in time you have to be very sharp. Different times cause people to act outside their character. Sometimes the action are valid other times that ish is just straight outlandish. I was kinda becoming that second character. Which is very unlike my character. But everything is everything for now. I’m well rested. On my raw food fast and almost back to bending them spoons. Hahaha. I appreciate the people that threw me that paddle during them troubled waters. It’s plenty of time I push aside my own personal problem to listen or help others. I guess it feels good when a person return that favor when i really need it. And boy! I needed it. smh, so thank you. Now watch out for the HOOK! Salute


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