It’s spring tomorrow. Well actually today since it’s after 12am. And the world seems to want art. I’ve been consumed by people that want my services. You might think it’s a good thing. And It is. I’d be lying if I told you otherwise. But the urgency factor seems to be the grand issue. My work ethic is basically “stick and move” with the best results possible to make you ever so look good. Plus I have my own personal projects to work on. As much people that have reached out to get art. The ratio of the same people actually working with me numbers are very low. Honestly, people just get eager. I enjoy passionate people. I enjoy them more with a plan. I can’t say I’m the most professional person out there when dealing with my own affairs. But with other people, especially when i respect your vision. You have to be on it. Because I’m approaching the project so you can win the GOLD.
But I have plans. Plans on the personal levels to create a better living for me. Pushing them aside to help other people has expired last year. Some people are very special cases. I’ll do all I can to help them with my very last breath. Others, try to catch me like the road runner. Beep Beep. Salute


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