William Feagins Jr.-3 years high and rising

My dude Will been down in the ATL for 3 years officially today. Everybody pop the ginger ale bottles. Yeaaaa!!!! But on the real. When i first met him. I was like “who’s this dude” I’m quiet and I know how I really am. This dude is extra quiet my thoughts “Oh! This dude got to be a lunatic!” hahaha. But as we got to know each other. I’ve seen him have fun and just laughing but also the calm ill serious side of him pertaining to various situations. All with reason. When you In the business of catering to people who say they respect what you do. Until you ask for pay for what you do. Their antics can easily rub a person the wrong way. Especially when your intentions is just to make them better. Or just seeing something in them that your service might just get them a inch further to their ultimate goal of greatness. Nope. They don’t see that or your vision. Just a damn one time Meal ticket. Smh.
But like mentioned, my man Will is a professional. His heart is in the right place when working with him. That thought alone is a lost gem within the massive. I appreciate the pre-production videos he sends me, which spark a well lit fire under me to be creative and the time dude take to even work on some crazy ideas i have. Or a project that he feels need that extra extra for that much needed push. All i can do is wish dude the best in the world with what he touch and create because he’s just getting better and better. That sounds like a damn line in a movie. But the brother been through a lot. You might know it but I do. That’s why his success in anything he do is a beautiful thing. But really get to know him instead of waiting to hop on that bandwagon. Do that shit if you want. we’ll have jokes about it. I promise you this son!!!! Check out the flyness by William Feagins Jr. SALUTE!!!


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