Every so often I question the people in my life. I know somethings in life shouldn’t be questioned. I really don’t question a lot of things. But I don’t take things at face value also. I’ve been in situation I knew from the door that the outcome would almost seem like the perfect blessing in my life. Other times, I tried to make the situation the perfect blessing in my life. Oh! The slight change of wording doesn’t make the 2 situation as simple as it sound. As usual my main focus is just to be better. The people around me simple objection is to make sure that I live up to that objective. While they become the very best at being the best in their own life. I’ll follow suite to this very rule. It’s just a silent exchange of the well being of your people. Some people really don’t understand this. My answer. No answer, I just depart.It seem harsh. But in the long run. it’ll make sense in the long run. If they let it.


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