My brother grinds hard. He actually grind harder than me. Often he just need something to really grind hard for.A cause or a dream. Jersey living can cause a major distraction with the 2 mentioned.9 times out of 10 people just trying to get through the day by any means. My brother started doing comedy a few years back. Man! It has been a up in down love affair with his new found dream. It’s a beast. People mention they coming out to his shows. Nothing. Bombing at events and as usual questioning his path. But whenever he’s up against the wall he comes back out with new material or video that shows major hope. I’m his toughest critic but of course. I got to be. I help him out also. So it’s tough love all day. But it’s good to see him focus. It’s good to see him making that effort. And it’s good to see him writing like the picture up top with a quote under the pic say this “People sleep , Money & Dream don’t” I’m thinking. Yea, he’s very much ON IT!!


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