That Boy is NICCCCEEEE!!!

Man! A brother been working hard the last 2 weeks. Hey! I don’t brag about it. Action speaks way more louder than your mama words when she use to scream at you for doing wrong. Shame on you! And for some, it’s still the case. hahaha. But I’ve been getting some artwork knocked out for these shows next month. Not a show, but shows. That plural action is in full effect. Get busy one time. Hahaha.
I’ve also been scanning some of the attack of the black book artwork. I’m trying to make that ish tangible this year. That’s the game plan but of course while working on projects for people. And it don’t stop.
But yesterday morning, I ordered some “Mama Feel Good” shirts. I’ve been trying to get these shirts printed around mother’s day for a couple of years now. But i know too many fly women doing there thing. Mama or not to rock the shirt. The supply is limited but like I said I had to get them joints done. I have to get a lot of stuff done. But I feel real good about everything. i appreciate the support of my people. Respect to the chosen few all day. We champion stylin ish son!!!


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