The picture your viewing up top is the very talented beauty Poodie the Byz. I can easily talk about her singing skills limitless on this site. But I’m looking past her talents, which is a very, very difficult job and highlighting her support on this site. The heart of the matter is, my thoughts is what define me on here or some of me. It’s constantly a building process so I write. Shouts to my dude flux also for getting me to do that more on this site.
I’ve been getting more follows and likes since I’ve started that process. So I appreciate the people I don’t even know for being a part of the journey. Last night I got home from a rough night at the job. Very rough. and I saw 3 comments to the blog by Poodie that changed my whole mood. Because honestly, I’m thinking, she didn’t have to come back to the site after the “Attack of the Black book” project.
But there she goes being expressive to a winning moment for me or just a frame of thought. That support makes you want to do great things. I believe if you look past what a person shows you. Even it’s great and tap in to what define their greatness. That’s how you really understand your position with them in your life. That’s how you help him or her go beyond what they are and you can easily say. “Lets make each other better” and be honest about it. Hey! we living in a face value time so that thought is alien, smh. But Poodie is at 297 comments. Yea! Nuff said. Love you mama for that. 100


3 thoughts on “SUPPORT QUEEN!!

  1. GOLDEN!!!???!?!!?!!!!! U did NOT hafta write this up! Lol..U just deserve those accolades… Ur awesome and I hope you never forget it! And ur light beams from within like crazy!! Thankful to know you and honored to get view your work and thoughts… Dammit Goldi!! Lol…

  2. Yes I did!!! People have this thing of telling people how they really feel after they’ve passed away, hurt or behind closed door. Man! Fuck that! People will complain openly about somebody doing them wrong or giving them problem. Giving that situation all sorts of energy. But won’t give that energy for a person that support their well being past that madness. You do what you do because that’s who you are. I have to respect and honor that by any means mama. Because that’s only right.

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