Everyday is the Playoffs

Man! I haven’t been able to watch the playoffs like I want too this short season. This is the “NBA Playoffs MiniMovie – Week #1” recap video. The knicks ain’t looking so fly. Smh. But the best thing about this video is the attitude. The constant reminder that this isn’t the norm. This the playoffs. I think in life we just expect good things to happen to us because we dope or we feel like we dope at what we do. like it was mentioned early in the video. “The champ don’t get no respect. In this league You have to earn it” You got to ask yourself. What’s the high standard you leaving with what you doing to gain what you deserve? Are you going for the win or doing just enough to get by? Everybody is showing and proving now. What’s different with your approach? How you attacking that rim when a group of people waiting to see what you got? Not even waiting. Preventing you to get what you want so they can get theirs. I guess when all this understood. The beautiful struggle begins. Stay strong. 100


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