I’m gonna be honest. Female rappers can be corny. And I love ladies that spit that venom. Now you might be asking yourself what’s the difference goldi gold? It’s about conviction. If you rhyme with conviction, that’s the extra over the hill with your last breath survival tactic that define the dope emcee from the wack. A lot emcee that happen to be ladies rhyme like they suppose to be respected or get props for rocking in a male dominated field. And that’s often the problem. They want to be seen as that female rapper instead of that dope emcee.
Thus these ladies. Adrift Da Belle and StaHHr latest venture. The albums are the opposite side of a 360 circle split into 180 of pure dopeness. You can play one album and play the other one right behind it and won’t be bored. Remember when Hip hop use to be like that. Smh. I know one common thread with both albums. The relationship factor. Better yet a sour relationship factor. I think it added fuel to both these artist work compared to their Previous. It sounds good. Very damn GOOD!!! I tip my hat to these ladies and reply. ‘Greetings EMCEES” Rock on with y’all bad selves.


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