Yesterday was beastly! Oh yes! I have beastly days. Some more than others. The ones that’s more that other are often mentioned. It’s funny when I do mentioned these days people act surprise. Yup! I have them moments. I deflect a lot but sometimes you can only hold back so much. Ish get through the teflon. Like some new army created projectile that some street knuckle head shouldn’t be having. Them moments can actually have you forget the good things that’s going on in your life. The good people that support you when you not looking. Or just tell you straight up you awesome! I know we all deserve the best. Part of the game is to go through some crap to get it which make the moment shine even more. i don’t look for attention but I don’t overlook people common daily goodness also. Even if it’s not towards me. Hey! It’s like “I know that dope person doing something dope.” The day becomes better just like that!


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