The funny thing about a good idea is, you lose the value of it if you don’t put it in action. Afterwards, that’s when things start getting interesting. Sheree ReeSwa Swann is at the interesting part of her journey.The idea part is”The Royal Affair” art show which will be displayed at The City of ink August 17 2012. The jump start of the Happily Natural day weekend during Black August in Atlanta. It’s going to be a full and solo exhibit of her work. Displayed photos of Men, women and child being represented in different shades of black consumed by nothing but pride, honor and respect. It’s that Royal feeling we often have within us during our daily lives that help us get by.
The Action part. Work before and After work. Sand blasting and painting frames until new. Buying more frames.Editing, sizing and printing multiple photos. Promoting and still having photo shoots during all of this. Plus working that overtime at the job. Yea! I guess Taking a quick pic, choosing a filter and posting it on instagram is quicker. The Royal work continues. Salute!
Event: “The Royal AfFair”
location: 323 Walker St
Atlanta Ga 30313
Time 7pm-10pm
date: August 17 2012


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