Let there be LIGHT!

A great trip is on the way that might or should change the point of view of everything. I guess before that trip I have to put that duty upon myself. A lot of situation are starting to define themselves in the wrong way. Again and again and of course again. I don’t know. It’s a few things in life I would fight for. This, the fight is over. The energy is gone. That spark don’t even exist. I learn last month about putting negative energy into a situation. Man! it almost took my soul. I’m just letting plenty go. It’s the only way now a days. It’s far from giving up. It’s more like riding the course and finding out the result don’t live up to what you made it. Paint me the bad guy. I’m so use this I don’t even take off the black outfit. So the light shine on through. I’m accepting it with open arms.


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