That dude Ali Muhammad

Today is Ali Muhammad birthday. I don’t know. I never had a person in my life who I pointed at and said to myself “I want to be like him” before I met Ali.
And it didn’t just happen upon sight. It was after hearing him explaining his vision of his magazine “21st century Hustle” which was way before its time when it actually came out. We had a full size ad on the back page of the magazine. And even then I didn’t fully grasp the concept until I bought then received a couple tangible copies. It still didn’t strike cord with me fully, but I was understanding his vision. It was sorta like mines but in a way bigger version.
I followed all his sites became a member. Submitted info. Sent him info and he always took it and flipped so I actually see that same info in new light. But that moment When I told myself ‘I want to be like him” was when he took a picture on top of a mountain and he said “Welcome to my office” And just in that moment that extend my vision in life and what I wanted to do with it. More so often for others than me. But it really gave me a understanding for not settling for less with what ever I do. If we can’t be a part of something a person a group do. We’ll create our own version and make it better since we just as or more talented than them.
That was the mind frame. The hustle. The full understanding that we hold our own and create our own future if we plan and put our mind to it. So yea! He’s still doing and saying things that still inspire me. And that list of people is very small towards others on my list. So I throw up a toast from ATL to BK wishing that dude many more ideas and success. Because the hustle don’t stop!


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