She Reminded me of what I like in a WOMAN

I treated myself to the movies this past weekend. “SKYFALL” had to be watched by any means. I’ve been waiting on this movie to drop for a couple of years. Hey! I grew up on them 007 movies. Their the best!
I knew this sister “Naomie Harris” was in the movie once the trailer started showing. But from the time she hit the screen in the movie she had me. And it wasn’t even about the looks. Even though she do look good. The attitude. That grit she had when she broke that car window with her elbow. That sexy assurance with herself even when she wasn’t sure about herself. You might be saying to yourself ‘She’s playing a role” But the character development is real. I know some ladies that fit that description fully and I truly love them for their attributes. I love a big butt and smile all day. But it might be just for that day or maybe night. I need that substance for the long haul. It’s wild because I damn near wanted to marry the sister from the movie 28 days later when it dropped. I love her attitude. Guess who played that role. You looking at her up top. Holla!


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