The Journey Within

A lot of things in life I really try not to understand. Because i also understand a lot of things in life aren’t meant to be understood. So a part of me truly feels like I shouldn’t be understood with some of my actions. Since the principles in life reflect us not to able to know it all. A hard fact for many. My actions are never meant to hurt anybody. But a lot of things around me are defining themselves in ways that seem rather off. No one is excluded in this perception. So in a sense, I do have a foundation for my actions, but my thoughts won’t take it any further by choice. Because sometime the answer can set you free or feel like a unexpected punch to the stomach. And in life it can feel like both feelings all at once. That’s what you call a value pack. My deeds will always speak louder than my actions. Remember that because that’s the first thing people forget. And so it begins…..


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