The GRAND scheme of something.

I guess since it’s a new year I have to mention how things gonna be different now. And of course about my major 2013 plans. The Come Up. Yea, Sounds about Right. Honestly, I woke up this morning feeling like how I should feel on a daily. It might be the me time I’ve gotten during these holiday days off. Or the raw food diet that I’m still on. Maybe it’s the rest I constantly remind myself to get during these solo days. I guess more so then anything the understanding of my actual direction in life. God willing of course. I think you come to a moment in life where you know what you actually deserve. And the end result is becoming that person your meant to be. With that thought alone you have to ask yourself “have you been putting the full effort to make that happen?” I know the answer to that question very well for myself. It’s what I consider “The Sad Truth”. But it’s the dawn of many things so no worries over here.100


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