The new Late Bloom


I got a chance to witness and listen to emotional pure from the heart music last night. Boog Brown album release party was packed with ATL finest to hear her story and journey on what she described as her baby. In this time where people argue about how dope or wack some of these rich artist already bought album changed their lives. It’s understood because of the lack or creative outlet that at least what the radio or big companies are  pushing to make money seems to be standard. But when the smoke clear and if you really are looking. Some of the dopest artist we know are people we actually know. And Boog Brown is one of the many  dope artist in the ATL that fit that bill. I don’t even have to convince you. Just take a listen to her lastest venture “The Late Bloom”.  After enjoying the sounds. Buy the album and tell friends. you’ll be so cool for putting them on to that bloom son!!

purchase: THE LATE BLOOM



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