Inward looking OUT

You ever have them moments when your inner voice echoes and bounce off your mental wall faster & quicker then a squash match. And the words being uttered are like hard shoves in the back. Getting bullied by words you know that you need to hear but aren’t even willing to accept. Blocking your thoughts seems like a solution. A quick fix to avoid what might be a life changing experience, conjured by your own being. Sounds good, but that other inner voice might tell you otherwise. Your Ego, won’t have any of that because it needs somebody to blame when things don’t work. It can’t possible be you. Even though the greatest moment of truth is when you recognize yourself. That you can do better. That your not doing enough to be better. That you’re shorting changing yourself because you deserve better. Sometimes you got to work on being a better you from within you first. Don’t think I’m not taking note on my own notes. Hahaha. Show & prove baby. From within first!


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