Hearts Of Men Cd Is Life

You ever watch a movie about growing up. And there might be a scene where a young boy stands in front of his parents crying and then that music cues up. All of a sudden he hears that line that change his perspective in life “be strong son because your the man of the house now” that line don’t come up when somebody going out to get some ice cream. No sir! That’s a growth spurt to adulthood & life becomes very different now.
That’s what this Heart of Men cd reminds me of when I play it. Them trails of accepting that title of being a Man. The good, bad & ugly part of this occupation that comes with no perks sometimes, because The lack of anything connected to the American dream that hasn’t been rewarded to you defines you as less of a man. So listening to the music is a breath of fresh air and erase any of those doubts if there where any.
This cd is part of a collection of cfluxsing when you purchase a print at www.cfluxsing.com do your self & support something with true heart. The merch and information can be found in the blog section of his site. Breath easy


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