Sometimes you got to ADAPT

You ever fall in a situation where you trying to figure how the heck you end up in this place. Almost like a tiger knee deep in water like it’s a fish. Smh, with everybody screaming change & letting go. You might have to brace your pride when your on the other end of that New Year resolution. Oh! What a hard pill to swallow, even though your underwater. I’ve been in these situations and it never feels good. Especially when your goal in life is to be the best of the best you in the whole wide world while learning about you. Plus enlighten a few people here & there during the journey. almost like you ghandi. But maybe with a few bad habits…..scratch out the ghandi discription. But just trying to do some good.
The best thing you can honestly do is suck it up. Accept the situation & make the best of it. Pretty much adapt & move forward. Be polite, but don’t look back. Sometimes unexpected situation actually manifest as part of your journey. So keep it moving sport. We still have plenty left in this year so you never know. Breath easy


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