A lot of time. How you feel about life happens at the unexpected passing of others.

My day w/Ras Lumumba

It’s been a long time coming, this shoot… and for the experience, I am truly grateful.
It was Friday morning, 11:39 a.m., when I arrived at Ras Lumumba’s house. Nine minutes behind schedule. But as I parked my car, he opened his door to welcome me. It’s always nice to see Ras Lumumba… He’s like an uncle to me. Wise. Honest. Funny… and caring. He is… He’s a father, husband, brother, uncle, painter, community leader, Babalawo… He is a man of many hats…many that I have not even named. Continue

Back at it Again

Like some white Vans! Dope pic by Phyllis.iller

Hip hop Secret Wars

Man! It took some time to put all these hip hop people together. The outcome is well worth it. Anything challenging to make you better is always well worth it. But I got a few prints available of the photo posted right here appreciate that time!!

Some kinda Space

Figuring out the way is a constant everything. I guess as a artist the world seem way bigger then it is. And far from Flat. Smh, but the vision is real which make life even realer. Everybody what to fly but wandering weightless in to nowhere is far from a option. So I’m making the best effort to be direct with all intentions and goals. It’s a beast when your trying to go against the grain with your mission. But I learn a long time ago. Everybody want to believe and love a dang winner! Trusting my space is a msut baby!!

Tunnel Vision

Is Mercury still in retrograde? Lawd! The craziness that’s going on towards me make me glad i’m focus on my mission no matter what’s the condition. I might think about it for a quick slight minute. Brush that shit off, then keep it moving. I got places to go and your action makes it one less person to dang see. Yup!

Getting through MONDAY

I’m looking pass the actually day and more into the task. Work at the job is Automatic, with a splash of rah rah from people that think your loyal to the job. When in fact your just anchored to it just to pay bills. My personal goal. This Monday right here leads me to uncharted planned lands. The risk is risk but it’s my risk. You have to start somewhere even when you wonder if things are stable under you. Oh! what a RUSH!!!

No Other WAY!!

Man! So much on the plate this year but my passion is HUNGRY son!

That Art and Music life

This the artwork i created last year for Deacon The Villian of CunninLyngusts fame for his solo instrumental albums. Dope client. He had a idea for his covers and paid me all at once with a bit of extra. Thus the motivation for me to knock out the covers and make it extra fresh. He decided to drop both dope albums this year for free ski also!!! Dope tracks that you can just let play. So start your weekend on the right music note and get ’em at

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