Black star again

Artwork of the group black during their return performance back on the stage. I created art work of them some years back. I can see the difference of improvement or it was just a better pic to draw from

Boog Brown

When thinking of piece to create. I often try to balance it out. I’ll draw a few people everybody knows. Then turn around and draw somebody I actually do know who’s just as talented in their own right. It’s just balance, plus my perspective that where all equal and we have to keep in mind we all don’t shine at once. In due time but of course. But this is a image of the talent Boog brown. Dope person & emcee. But check out here latest full album right here: Boog Brown: The Late Bloom

Hearts Of Men Cd Is Life

You ever watch a movie about growing up. And there might be a scene where a young boy stands in front of his parents crying and then that music cues up. All of a sudden he hears that line that change his perspective in life “be strong son because your the man of the house now” that line don’t come up when somebody going out to get some ice cream. No sir! That’s a growth spurt to adulthood & life becomes very different now.
That’s what this Heart of Men cd reminds me of when I play it. Them trails of accepting that title of being a Man. The good, bad & ugly part of this occupation that comes with no perks sometimes, because The lack of anything connected to the American dream that hasn’t been rewarded to you defines you as less of a man. So listening to the music is a breath of fresh air and erase any of those doubts if there where any.
This cd is part of a collection of cfluxsing when you purchase a print at do your self & support something with true heart. The merch and information can be found in the blog section of his site. Breath easy

The Fugees

I can’t say this the first art work I created for 2015. First post, but not art work. I was toying more with shapes then usually to create each member in the group. It’ll be something I touch on more this year which will make the process very interesting. Growth is the answer. Plus you know you love the Fugees! Breath easy

Doodle me this

Took time to doodle.

Earl Sweatshirt

I saw the actual image In esquire weird men issue. A issue dedicated more so to the weird genius in life. I had fun drawing and creating this. It was challenging of course which made it a plus for me. Plus this young lad is a talented dude.


Well. Maybe not sing but his original paintings or prints hanging in your house. The best gift in the world is art. Since this the season of giving. Why not Art. And C Flux Sing got want you need. Check out the prints right HERE IF interested

Just Cause


And when I’m not cooking. This the some of the process of the artwork I did of flux for his birthday. I usually try to show this process every so often for people that’s interested or that friendly reminder that I actually draw the artwork that people see. @ birds with one post. Salute


This the finish artwork I had displayed at the City Of Ink show last Friday. I took a different direction and feel with this piece. My ideas with people and life is being viewed in a way that can either be embraced or shunned. That’s the funny thing about change. Some people are very much ready for it. Others can’t seem to except it. I can’t say I lived life to the fullest yet. But I’m so open with new ideas and dreams of other good people that the feel seem very much real. The time is always now to do better. I keep this in mind because them days I did fail. I know I can rise through that moment the minute after it. Even when somebody else has to remind me this every so often. Hahaha. Salute

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