Nice & Smooth

Still creating!



It always feels good to know some magazine or popular site want to interview me. I just put in work and keep it moving. I just create and try to make things bested as much as I can. You can read the write up right here. afropunk

Purple Tears

Artwork I created after the passing of Prince. A lot of good times connected to some of the favorites classic music! Respect


I don’t know when I’m gonna finish this but it’s a great start


A lot of time. How you feel about life happens at the unexpected passing of others.

Hip hop Secret Wars

Man! It took some time to put all these hip hop people together. The outcome is well worth it. Anything challenging to make you better is always well worth it. But I got a few prints available of the photo posted right here appreciate that time!!

That Art and Music life

This the artwork i created last year for Deacon The Villian of CunninLyngusts fame for his solo instrumental albums. Dope client. He had a idea for his covers and paid me all at once with a bit of extra. Thus the motivation for me to knock out the covers and make it extra fresh. He decided to drop both dope albums this year for free ski also!!! Dope tracks that you can just let play. So start your weekend on the right music note and get ’em at

Run Them Jewels!

I thought I Posted this artwork……….I guess now I have.

It’s bigger than HIP HOP

This might be my 3rd time drawing Dead Prez. This might be my favorite artwork of them. Salute

Black Star artwork

Black star artwork getting done to produce prints. It’s simple as that, but I had fun creating this. It was a slight beast since I was drawing from a black & white pic. But how do I enjoy a challenge!

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