Purple Tears

Artwork I created after the passing of Prince. A lot of good times connected to some of the favorites classic music! Respect


Happy New Year!!!

June first makes it officially 6 months in 2015. The first half is complete. And to be honest it came with a lot of death. Some of it was expected. Others came from out of nowhere like it often do. Even though we remind ourself and others often that we’re living on borrowed times. While living life, we try to leave death at a distance like it won’t catch up to us. But it do. So how we live life as often told is importantant. How we treat each others is very important. The second half of the year is here. Let’s start it on the best foot possible. Are you ready?


Yo! i have a small list called the chosen few. Which are people who i have established a personal relationship based on honesty, loyalty and trust. My dude Mr. Soul is on this list. Earlier today we was building on the art show friday and a personal conversation about his uncle condition. We kinda of establish some thoughts and ideas just in case the worse happen. When i got home from work tonight. The first post I saw on facebook was his about his uncle passing away. Smh. I feel bad. we was just talking about the situation more in a longer haul frame of mind or a least wishing it was. But i wish him and his family well. Tomorrow is a new day for some. People need to realize this. I’m going to bed. 100


This is the artwork I created for Dj Metaphysic per request by Amond Jackson. Dj Metaphysic passed away earlier this week. I put everything a side last night to create this piece. This man mission was to create a album for fathers to leave a message to their children as inspiration for their own future. And just like that. He’s the prime example of this project left for his children before father day.
We all have our moments in life. I think we honestly have to choose the moments that define us. And not the definition of how we want others to see us. Because in the end, divine order define us all. So what we do during that time define us now.