Black star again

Artwork of the group black during their return performance back on the stage. I created art work of them some years back. I can see the difference of improvement or it was just a better pic to draw from

Boog Brown

When thinking of piece to create. I often try to balance it out. I’ll draw a few people everybody knows. Then turn around and draw somebody I actually do know who’s just as talented in their own right. It’s just balance, plus my perspective that where all equal and we have to keep in mind we all don’t shine at once. In due time but of course. But this is a image of the talent Boog brown. Dope person & emcee. But check out here latest full album right here: Boog Brown: The Late Bloom

Virgo hustle mommy

Sometimes people wonder why a particular person may have more then 1 of my artwork and they might have lets say um…..a goose egg shape of my artwork. It’s simple. You might need to get your selfie pic game up. This sister right here I got to stop myself from drawing her pics. Always dope. Always fresh. Always clean. But I might have to take some of it back because some people actually have dope pics….but I either A. Save it for later to draw. B, c & d. Don’t want to draw them. I have a fantastic muse already and she happen to be a Virgo also. But some people I actually created either pay me or I just felt the need to create. It’s either or. True facts. But my Virgo hustle mommy in the pic above can’t lose! I respect her fully. So artwork come fully. 100

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