Man! Hearing Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away was tough. Mobb Deep music was playing during some hungry ass time in early ATL. So them words stuck like GLUE! So this actually a day time frame creating this. Getting his look right always is the goal. Setting the colors overlap everything after that. Layout worked out well also. We keep it thoro over hear.


That Art and Music life

This the artwork i created last year for Deacon The Villian of CunninLyngusts fame for his solo instrumental albums. Dope client. He had a idea for his covers and paid me all at once with a bit of extra. Thus the motivation for me to knock out the covers and make it extra fresh. He decided to drop both dope albums this year for free ski also!!! Dope tracks that you can just let play. So start your weekend on the right music note and get ’em at

Boog Brown

When thinking of piece to create. I often try to balance it out. I’ll draw a few people everybody knows. Then turn around and draw somebody I actually do know who’s just as talented in their own right. It’s just balance, plus my perspective that where all equal and we have to keep in mind we all don’t shine at once. In due time but of course. But this is a image of the talent Boog brown. Dope person & emcee. But check out here latest full album right here: Boog Brown: The Late Bloom

The new Late Bloom


I got a chance to witness and listen to emotional pure from the heart music last night. Boog Brown album release party was packed with ATL finest to hear her story and journey on what she described as her baby. In this time where people argue about how dope or wack some of these rich artist already bought album changed their lives. It’s understood because of the lack or creative outlet that at least what the radio or big companies are  pushing to make money seems to be standard. But when the smoke clear and if you really are looking. Some of the dopest artist we know are people we actually know. And Boog Brown is one of the many  dope artist in the ATL that fit that bill. I don’t even have to convince you. Just take a listen to her lastest venture “The Late Bloom”.  After enjoying the sounds. Buy the album and tell friends. you’ll be so cool for putting them on to that bloom son!!

purchase: THE LATE BLOOM