2 PAC lives

image A little look of my 2 PAC artwork for a tribute show this week end. I’ve drawn PAC about a dozen so I’m familiar with key points in his facial structure. Waiting to see how the printed version of this piece look


Another blam!

This morning at 8:55am I’m out around my way getting shot by Ree swa. I’ve been shot by a few photographers but we usually have some eye catching results. I guess because I listen to her vision with her photoshoot and add my touch without changing too much of the original concept. The trust factor helps a lot. Plus the outcome makes us both look better. Everybody wins! Stay tuned

With son will travel

This artwork is of my people with her son. I actually saw the original picture on Instagram where she have plenty of pictures with together. A lot of facial expressions, fun and interactions. So what I had in mind. Them on a planet of books and music towering around them and the search for the perfect item to entertain themselves. But I started to create the visuals. The idea seemed like a lot. It was still a good idea but the color and the concept of them together was enough. It took me pretty much a day to knock this out. Fun times!