Man! Hearing Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away was tough. Mobb Deep music was playing during some hungry ass time in early ATL. So them words stuck like GLUE! So this actually a day time frame creating this. Getting his look right always is the goal. Setting the colors overlap everything after that. Layout worked out well also. We keep it thoro over hear.


Liked by a LEGEND!

Man! The great Emory Douglas liked the new cd design I’m working for Dj Jamad.Yo! That’s Major! Fellow comrades Mister.Soul and Flux know the worth of that gesture. His style influence us in some shape of form.

His artwork was the visual expression that defined the Black Panther Movement. I actually dedicated a piece in his style that I have hanging in my crib from the Transgression art show That Mister Soul and I did a while back. So I’m not touching one bit of that cd cover. It’s like I got the greatest head nod of approval for it. And it feels so GOOD.