what go up must come…..

…..Must come down. The landing don’t have to be terrible. It can be into a better place. Trust

3 kings..maybe

So I told him 10 dollars and his face balled up like a writer creating with writers block. Oh! I’m talking about the guy in the pic with the red hoody. You see, he was asking about the cost of my new newly release coloring book. It seem like him and his people came across the event while walking by. The locals I quickly assumed. They walked around scooping the event trying to register what was going on.
So these fellas rolled up on me smelling like weed smoke wanting some answers. So after mentioning the price. He wanted to at least look through the book. He asked questions. Good questions. The outcome and His reply “I need to buy this for my nephew”. He paid. He wanted me to sign the book. And I enlighten his people about the art work hanging in the shop. Everybody happy. If I judged a book by its cover. The 3 dudes would’ve snub everything about the event. Just putting people together to be better. Yes yes y’all

My day w/Ras Lumumba

It’s been a long time coming, this shoot… and for the experience, I am truly grateful.
It was Friday morning, 11:39 a.m., when I arrived at Ras Lumumba’s house. Nine minutes behind schedule. But as I parked my car, he opened his door to welcome me. It’s always nice to see Ras Lumumba… He’s like an uncle to me. Wise. Honest. Funny… and caring. He is… He’s a father, husband, brother, uncle, painter, community leader, Babalawo… He is a man of many hats…many that I have not even named. Continue

Some kinda Space

Figuring out the way is a constant everything. I guess as a artist the world seem way bigger then it is. And far from Flat. Smh, but the vision is real which make life even realer. Everybody what to fly but wandering weightless in to nowhere is far from a option. So I’m making the best effort to be direct with all intentions and goals. It’s a beast when your trying to go against the grain with your mission. But I learn a long time ago. Everybody want to believe and love a dang winner! Trusting my space is a msut baby!!

And here I GO!

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Photo by: Shedriven


All or Nothing

image This week gotta to be a better week, month, phuck it, year from here on out. That feeling far from whole on a planet with a whole lot of people shouldn’t be felt unless your at a point of transformation…… I might be at that point. Breath easy

Happy New Year!!!

June first makes it officially 6 months in 2015. The first half is complete. And to be honest it came with a lot of death. Some of it was expected. Others came from out of nowhere like it often do. Even though we remind ourself and others often that we’re living on borrowed times. While living life, we try to leave death at a distance like it won’t catch up to us. But it do. So how we live life as often told is importantant. How we treat each others is very important. The second half of the year is here. Let’s start it on the best foot possible. Are you ready?

Bows & Collars

ReeSwa is worried about your neck. No worries though. Everything is safe. It’s not a vampire thing, even though she stays up late pass witching hour creating something fitting, literally for the massive. Colorful crafted handmade collars, bow ties, earrings and everything else is under The Reefresh label. The best route to go if you want to stand out. You can find it here:Reefreshbyree

Hearts Of Men Cd Is Life

You ever watch a movie about growing up. And there might be a scene where a young boy stands in front of his parents crying and then that music cues up. All of a sudden he hears that line that change his perspective in life “be strong son because your the man of the house now” that line don’t come up when somebody going out to get some ice cream. No sir! That’s a growth spurt to adulthood & life becomes very different now.
That’s what this Heart of Men cd reminds me of when I play it. Them trails of accepting that title of being a Man. The good, bad & ugly part of this occupation that comes with no perks sometimes, because The lack of anything connected to the American dream that hasn’t been rewarded to you defines you as less of a man. So listening to the music is a breath of fresh air and erase any of those doubts if there where any.
This cd is part of a collection of cfluxsing when you purchase a print at www.cfluxsing.com do your self & support something with true heart. The merch and information can be found in the blog section of his site. Breath easy

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