Black star again

Artwork of the group black during their return performance back on the stage. I created art work of them some years back. I can see the difference of improvement or it was just a better pic to draw from

Black Star artwork

Black star artwork getting done to produce prints. It’s simple as that, but I had fun creating this. It was a slight beast since I was drawing from a black & white pic. But how do I enjoy a challenge!

The art of digging

This past weekend I went recording digging with super beat producer Lex boogie. We working on a new project together which should be dropping this year. But just like our last collaboration effort. We always combine out talents. Learn from each other skills and trust each other enough to respect the opinions that’s offered. So I went to the record store to look through records for possible inspiration for our latest project. I didn’t know more then half the artist or the name of the albums. But I basically went by what I saw. Artwork wise on the cover. We’ll see what happens but for more updates about lex boogie. Check out

Boog Brown

When thinking of piece to create. I often try to balance it out. I’ll draw a few people everybody knows. Then turn around and draw somebody I actually do know who’s just as talented in their own right. It’s just balance, plus my perspective that where all equal and we have to keep in mind we all don’t shine at once. In due time but of course. But this is a image of the talent Boog brown. Dope person & emcee. But check out here latest full album right here: Boog Brown: The Late Bloom

Let the music play

I’m listening to the final draft of this mix. I should have the tangible this week. But putting mixing music is a art. I know people can throw a mix together with ease but when you do it for a living. You gotta respect the outcome. Especially if the dj is about their craft. But shouts to Dj jamad for putting this joint together for the movement.


Sharks in the Golden pond is a expression that’s expressed through music by Lex boogie from the bronx and Goldi gold.
The nature of the expression. To evole the listener to a moment that Can’t be described but felt. A since of being lost in your own world while being surrounded By a bunch of people. That moment of awareness where you realize that beyond everything Else. You can do anything you put your mind into. So on March 20th 2013 be prepared

Photo Credit Meedy Meek

VIDEO: We Take Care Of Our Own – Bruce Springsteen

This track goes HARD!!!!

Rasheeda Ali: Attack of the flute

I’m not going to front. The thought of a flute in a track was absent to my ears. I’ve heard plenty of dope tracks use the flute but as a child of the boom bap era, that’s usually the main sound I listen to in any type of music.
In comes Rasheeda Ali. It’s not pictured but her choice of weapon is a flute. A weapon she haven’t mastered yet. But once you hear her soothing melody. You would’ve thought I just told you a bold face lie. We’ve been real cool with each other for a minute. all my people are always doing something creative so I’m often consumed by their passion. lets be honest. Artist are kinda of difficult species to figure out unless your a artist yourself.The process of creativity is often different but the outcome of creating something beyond excellent for either yourself or the public is the same. So when Rasheeda talks about her thought process on how to attack a track that’s already dope to the ear. I’m all ears and in love with the process.
The strategic planning of overshadowing a worthy opponent for the good. Making people believers of a instrument that if was a pick up game of basketball, it might be chosen last because the ideas or questions of it’s Involvement to make the team better. But on the real. As artist we love being the underdog just to get every bit of our point across. And if you still sleep on the flute. Peep this video were you hear Rasheeda Ali crushing the track while mingling in the crowd with lovely smiles. hahaha. Now that’s gangtsa!!

VIDEO: 在日ファンク – きず @ TAICOCLUB’11

Yo! This band is bonkers. I don’t know a word dude saying or the actual name of the group but just having a heavy James Brown influence is enough for me #thumbsup

Video: Richelle L. Brown aka Cornbread – Blackberry Pie REMIX (BBP RMX)

Damn! It feels good to know some talented ass people in Atlanta. This sister been on her grind tough with her sound and look. The school band would have a field day with this track but you can get her latest project Cornbread, Richelle & Me:The Groovetape download on her website

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