…….And we Shooting

I usually have a lot of ideas. All the ideas don’t always pertain to me drawing something. Naw, that would be quite boring. Even though I don’t really get bored. But ideas tend to rehash through other people. A lot of dope collabs get created out of these ideas. So often Reeswa and I bounce dope ideas with each other. This time Dj jamad is the subject matter. Stay tuned

Another blam!

This morning at 8:55am I’m out around my way getting shot by Ree swa. I’ve been shot by a few photographers but we usually have some eye catching results. I guess because I listen to her vision with her photoshoot and add my touch without changing too much of the original concept. The trust factor helps a lot. Plus the outcome makes us both look better. Everybody wins! Stay tuned

My day w/Ras Lumumba

It’s been a long time coming, this shoot… and for the experience, I am truly grateful.
It was Friday morning, 11:39 a.m., when I arrived at Ras Lumumba’s house. Nine minutes behind schedule. But as I parked my car, he opened his door to welcome me. It’s always nice to see Ras Lumumba… He’s like an uncle to me. Wise. Honest. Funny… and caring. He is… He’s a father, husband, brother, uncle, painter, community leader, Babalawo… He is a man of many hats…many that I have not even named. Continue

Art Trap House

image This a photo from a shoot I had with Brandi Pettijohn. I told her I wanted the concept to be a Art trap house. I can honestly tell you that product get produce in all hours in this spot. But shouts to www.brandipettijohn.com


The funny thing about a good idea is, you lose the value of it if you don’t put it in action. Afterwards, that’s when things start getting interesting. Sheree ReeSwa Swann is at the interesting part of her journey.The idea part is”The Royal Affair” art show which will be displayed at The City of ink August 17 2012. The jump start of the Happily Natural day weekend during Black August in Atlanta. It’s going to be a full and solo exhibit of her work. Displayed photos of Men, women and child being represented in different shades of black consumed by nothing but pride, honor and respect. It’s that Royal feeling we often have within us during our daily lives that help us get by.
The Action part. Work before and After work. Sand blasting and painting frames until new. Buying more frames.Editing, sizing and printing multiple photos. Promoting and still having photo shoots during all of this. Plus working that overtime at the job. Yea! I guess Taking a quick pic, choosing a filter and posting it on instagram is quicker. The Royal work continues. Salute!
Event: “The Royal AfFair”
location: 323 Walker St
Atlanta Ga 30313
Time 7pm-10pm
date: August 17 2012

Picture Perfect Please

I’m helping Ree put together her Solo show in August. Should be a very dope thing. The job isn’t difficult. She listens and her work is Fantastic. We can’t LOSE!

What Suits Me.

This one of the Dope shots taken by Lens of Life photography. She did a a great job. I wanted to have a clean but edgy look for the shoot. I love suits. I don’t rock them at all. But I keep telling myself that I’ll fall in a position where i can rock them joints and create dope art at the same time as a job. Thus the vision for the shoot.

Crossing Them Roads

The picture up top in the middle of the street. I wanted to take that picture for a good while. Especially when I got my iphone and joined instagram. This is actually a pretty busy street with a nice stretch of road. So the cars come down that road like their drag racing. Smh.But while both lights down each side of the street turned red. I had to time everything with a bag of groceries in my hand. So it was a in motion pic. After I took it. I thought i missed it because the pic showed the bottom of the street. I’m thinking “Damn” but when it fully registered, the pic up top was taken. Oh! I was so happy.
That’s been my frame of mind as of late. Focus and in someway or how making want I want happen. Sometimes it might seem like it’s not working out but the result fully defines the work put into the actions. And I’m not even a photographer. hahaha. Determination is Everything. 100

Brandi Pettijohn: Selfie a Day Project

Words by Brandi Pettijohn

Last year I was inspired by Luladae and her 365 project. I don’t have a good track record of doing anything everyday except waking up in the morning and going to bed at night (knock on wood). All thats in between, eh??? Daily vitamins, not so much… a gallon of water, I try to get it in… walking, does walking to my car count? You get READ

Netchem-is: Artist Talk: CHAD CARTWRIGHT/CD:WCK

Photo © Armando Bellmas, 2010

chad cartwright/CHD:WCK!

Where are you from?
i come from clarence and brenda cartwright. i was planted and cultivated in east orange, nj. harvested in charlotte, nc.

What do you call yourself (writer, rapper, photographer, etc)?
i am a visual artist. i tend to focus on photography and mixed media, though i love music.i don’t make music, but when i talk about art(ists), i usually end up talking about music(ians).

How do you create (your inspiration)?
my art is all about my perspective. so inspiration comes from READ

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