Then there was TWO


I had a chance to be with the Talented Ree Swann in the Dead Ringer show. The concept is team up a photographer with a visual artist to create something fly off of each other energy. It was a perfect way help then build off another person creative skills.


…….And we Shooting

I usually have a lot of ideas. All the ideas don’t always pertain to me drawing something. Naw, that would be quite boring. Even though I don’t really get bored. But ideas tend to rehash through other people. A lot of dope collabs get created out of these ideas. So often Reeswa and I bounce dope ideas with each other. This time Dj jamad is the subject matter. Stay tuned

Another blam!

This morning at 8:55am I’m out around my way getting shot by Ree swa. I’ve been shot by a few photographers but we usually have some eye catching results. I guess because I listen to her vision with her photoshoot and add my touch without changing too much of the original concept. The trust factor helps a lot. Plus the outcome makes us both look better. Everybody wins! Stay tuned

My day w/Ras Lumumba

It’s been a long time coming, this shoot… and for the experience, I am truly grateful.
It was Friday morning, 11:39 a.m., when I arrived at Ras Lumumba’s house. Nine minutes behind schedule. But as I parked my car, he opened his door to welcome me. It’s always nice to see Ras Lumumba… He’s like an uncle to me. Wise. Honest. Funny… and caring. He is… He’s a father, husband, brother, uncle, painter, community leader, Babalawo… He is a man of many hats…many that I have not even named. Continue

Bows & Collars

ReeSwa is worried about your neck. No worries though. Everything is safe. It’s not a vampire thing, even though she stays up late pass witching hour creating something fitting, literally for the massive. Colorful crafted handmade collars, bow ties, earrings and everything else is under The Reefresh label. The best route to go if you want to stand out. You can find it here:Reefreshbyree