…….And we Shooting

I usually have a lot of ideas. All the ideas don’t always pertain to me drawing something. Naw, that would be quite boring. Even though I don’t really get bored. But ideas tend to rehash through other people. A lot of dope collabs get created out of these ideas. So often Reeswa and I bounce dope ideas with each other. This time Dj jamad is the subject matter. Stay tuned


Some kinda Space

Figuring out the way is a constant everything. I guess as a artist the world seem way bigger then it is. And far from Flat. Smh, but the vision is real which make life even realer. Everybody what to fly but wandering weightless in to nowhere is far from a option. So I’m making the best effort to be direct with all intentions and goals. It’s a beast when your trying to go against the grain with your mission. But I learn a long time ago. Everybody want to believe and love a dang winner! Trusting my space is a msut baby!!

More DOOM!

I’m finally finish with this Commission Mf Doom piece. I try not to get attached to my artwork. But I almost didn’t want to finish working on this. My energy was high working on this project. High energy equal super good energy. Super good energy makes me feel pretty aight. I guess I need to create more challenging projects for myself to keep it going. Being better is always the objective! Yup!

Touch them BOOKS

Reading things online is cool. I spend a lot of time on the computer creating artwork. I take breaks which is often to read or watch documentaries. I’m not the everything has to be quiet to create anything. But the set back to that is me not able to sit down in my crib to read a tangible book. Because I’m constantly on work mode. I prefer to read while traveling on public transportation. Last month I bought used books on Amazon.com and committed myself to reading a book each week. I was thinking about getting audio books. Naw, I got to feel, touch and flip them pages. But I honestly need to purge my magazine collection though. Smh, read books my friend.