what go up must come…..

…..Must come down. The landing don’t have to be terrible. It can be into a better place. Trust

Purple Tears

Artwork I created after the passing of Prince. A lot of good times connected to some of the favorites classic music! Respect

Back at it Again

Like some white Vans! Dope pic by Phyllis.iller

Some kinda Space

Figuring out the way is a constant everything. I guess as a artist the world seem way bigger then it is. And far from Flat. Smh, but the vision is real which make life even realer. Everybody what to fly but wandering weightless in to nowhere is far from a option. So I’m making the best effort to be direct with all intentions and goals. It’s a beast when your trying to go against the grain with your mission. But I learn a long time ago. Everybody want to believe and love a dang winner! Trusting my space is a msut baby!!

Tunnel Vision

Is Mercury still in retrograde? Lawd! The craziness that’s going on towards me make me glad i’m focus on my mission no matter what’s the condition. I might think about it for a quick slight minute. Brush that shit off, then keep it moving. I got places to go and your action makes it one less person to dang see. Yup!

No Other WAY!!

Man! So much on the plate this year but my passion is HUNGRY son!


Let the dang Sunshine in!

Man! It’s so easy to get caught up when things are crazy in life. Especially when that craziness seems to have your name written all in that cake mix. But it only last as long as we let it. You gotta pull that ground beneath your feet partna!! and go out in a blaze if you……. Wait! Wrong quote. I’ll use that another time. Hahaha. But you know how it feels when life is very good. Think about how often them days occur. Now think of them bad days. More good than bad. But both are contagious. So, would you want people to be mean fully happy around you based off of your energy. Or depress as dish!! Take it all as it come. Divine order is always in effect baby! So you can’t lose unless you want too. Run wit it!!

All or Nothing

image This week gotta to be a better week, month, phuck it, year from here on out. That feeling far from whole on a planet with a whole lot of people shouldn’t be felt unless your at a point of transformation…… I might be at that point. Breath easy

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